How did I mature on Summer Camp of Alpha School

Trại hè 4 tuần Singapore do Alpha School chứng kiến sự trưởng thành của rất nhiều học sinh từ trong vào ngoài trường. Đối với những bạn đã là học sinh Alpha, các em có ưu thế được rèn luyện trong môi trường tự chủ, có kỉ luật ngay từ những ngày đầu lớp 6, việc sang một môi trường mới là cơ hội tốt để thử thách bản thân. Còn đối với học sinh trường ngoài thì sao? 4 tuần để “rèn khổ”, 4 tuần trải nghiệm và học hỏi trong một môi trường kỉ luật, rèn luyện bản thân cũng đã đem lại nhiều giá trị cho các bạn ấy như thế nào? Dưới đây là chia sẻ bằng tiếng Anh của bạn Quốc Vượng, tham dự trại hè Singapore 2017.

The first thing I would like to respectfully give is the best thanks for the teachers at Alpha School and Mrs.Yen and Mr.Linh and all of the overseas student from any countries.

(Clip phỏng vấn Quốc Vượng:

Four weeks in Singapore is neither a long time nor short. It is enough for me to learn and experience. To be honest, I have to say that I did learn so much from this trip so thanks again Alpha managers. We are the attendants of this summer camp and Mr.Cong, Ms.Chang and Ms.Ly had accomodated in Singapore for 28 days. And we had known ourselves than anyone (just who did not attend). The teachers, I am out of bound to say that they are so amazing. They are the most interesting teachers whom I have so far ever known. They taught me and anyone so much that are uncountable just by words and praises. Swearing with the Gods, Ms.Chang is the least boring contacter I have ever known

How did I mature on Summer Camp of Alpha School

Dear parents who have intention of allowing your’s children trying this,

You do not to be afraid of the qualification of these teachers. In my opinion, I have to give my words that your children will have the best time in Singapore. They behaved to you even you are not Alpha’s students, like their kid. No discrimination between students and teachers that I consider them as partners.

About the landscapes, the last scheduldes were so nearly perfect. I went to Colleman College where we studied English in Singapore, VIVO CITY, UNIVERSAL, SCIENCE CENTRE, JURONG BIRD PARK, NUS UNIVERSITY, BOTANIC GARDEN, SINGAPORE DISCOVERY, SINGAPORE NATIONAL LIBRARY… The far we went, the more interesting we found.

We also had meetings in the weekends. At that time, we listened to know what mistakes had we made, and good points we had done. Mr Cong is hilarious but he is such strict that he wants to do good for us. He thought everything suitable for all not only him that point I admire a lot. And the lesson all Alpha students obtain is “Never Telling Lie”, I respect them and want to learn more abour them.

All in all, I want to say these sentences in the deepest hole in my heart. Love and thanks to all who went with me in Singapore in 2017’s summer, in particular three leaders. As a result of you, I have learned so many things from the smallest behaviours.

It is my honor to live and study with Alpha students.

Thanks to Mr.Linh who told me about Singapore.

Best wishes to all Alpha’s teachers and students.

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