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Alpha is an educational secondary school that pioneers in the creation of teaching and inspiring learning, promoting all human values and helping Vietnamese in controlling their life and global thinking.


Learn passionately, Live confidently

Alpha School aims to create a comprehensive environment with academic programs but always specifically to each learner. Curriculum and teaching methods help them discover the beauty of all subjects and awaken passion for learning. Alpha School hopes that every student live with their own values and control their life in the future.

Mission of Alpha School: help the learning become more meaningful and inspiring. Alpha School is always a companion to each student and their family. Each day to school is always a happy day.

Alpha’s students develop balance of:


• Core Values: Love – Respect – Creativity
• People of Alpha School: School – Students – Family – Society
• Curriculum & Teaching Methods
• Social – Emotional – Life skills
• Positive educational environment (Spiritual Life, Thinking, Attitude, Action, Achievement)

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03 CORE VALUES OF ALPHA: Love – Respect – Creativity

• Love: A value of human origin, particularly in the educational environment. Love myself, love people and others.
• Respect: One of Alpha’s values helps students shape the way of thinking and acting. Respect myself, respect the differences of others.
• Creativity: One of Alpha’s values helps students come up with creating their own new values for society and fill up with dreams which are the foundation of success.

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04 FACTORS IN THE EDUCATION OF ALPHA (People of Alpha School):

                                                                                  School – Students – Family – Society
• School: Includes all teachers, staff who always share their values and want to create a positive educational environment. They always desire to improve themselves and enjoy working at Alpha School. The largest difference between Alpha School and the others is the advisor team – They work as an educational consultant understanding the psychology of students and connecting between students and their families.

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• Students: The central factor who are always eager for learning and developing themselves based on the values of Alpha School.
• Family: Parents and people who are related to the education of students in Alpha family. They are also trained and always want to go along with the educational philosophy of Alpha School.
• Society: One of the important factors that affect Alpha’s students in real life. Students need to learn to master society.

LEARNING ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS (Curriculum & Teaching Methods):
• Curriculum: specialized according to the capacity and ability of each student by the understanding and expectations of students. Curriculum includes lessons of skills, living values and science club. The curriculum is also designed into elective subjects: Specialized Literature, Specialized Maths, English, Science Club that help students master and experience a deeper understanding of the value of knowledge.
• Teaching Methods (The discovery methods in teaching): Creative teaching and learning help students have excitement in finding out lessons and scientific thinking at international level.

Educational environment of Alpha School gives students chance to express themselves. The activities help students adapt to the reality of life and build dreams in the future.

• International mindset: thinking scientifically when solving problem (Dare to do – Dare to be)
• Intellectual Readiness: having the knowledge and expertise to work by themselves.
• A person of value: nurturing the human values and becoming an useful person who is loved by the others and happy with their passion.
• Good physical condition: having enough physical strength to carry out their wishes and dreams.

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• Real experience process: 04 – 06 months (from March to August) help School – Students – Family understand each other in the long-term-oriented education;
• Determine student’s current capacity (GeneCode/Entrance Test/Parent Meeting): help Alpha School understand the current ability and desire of each student; then Alpha has the suitable educational methods for each learner;
• Find out student’s potential: each student has own learning style and Alpha School has to find out it, and then encourage students to study through many ways of learning, diverse experiences…
• Create the safe and happy educational environment;
• Enough time for parents to understand Alpha School;